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Lonking Holdings Limited more

Страна: Шри-Ланка
Район: Шри-Ланка
Город: Shanghai
Улица: 26 Minyi Road, Xinqiao, Shanghai, China
Телефон: +86 021 57687966
Факс: +86 021 57687966
Firm Rank: 0
Founded in 1993, Lonking Holdings Limited ("Lonking") is one of the largest construction &logistic machinery manufacturers in China. It has 19 wholly owned subsidiaries and four production bases respectively located in Fujian, Shanghai, Jiangxi and He'nan, covering over 3 million square meters. Lonking manufactures wheel loaders, hydraulic excavators, road rollers, forklifts, motor graders and skid steer loaders. The company also develops and produces core components, including gearboxes,[...]